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the gap between academic studies and practical marketing applications.

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Episode 39 Thumbnail

Ep39 - Summer Holidays: Selling Nostalgia to Deliver Experiences

How holiday marketing uses nostalgia to sell experiences.

Episode 38 Thumbnail

Ep38 - Football: The Lessons Behind Action Bias and Fluent Devices

How football shows us that maintaining course can deliver expected results related to marketing.

Episode 37 Thumbnail

Ep37 - Tortillas, Government Agencies, and Behavioral Science with Owain Service

How behavioral science is used in various sectors of the world, with Owain Service joining in as a guest.

Episode 36 Thumbnail

Ep36 - Liquid Death: The Power of Smashing Category Norms

How Liquid Death made itself stand apart from the crowd with a distinctive style and the behavioral science empowering it.

Episode 35 Thumbnail

Ep35 - Kentucky Derby: Leveraging Data to Build False Confidence

How the Kentucky Derby gives bettors a wealth of data to deliver a false sense of confidence and how this is applied to brands.

Episode 34 Thumbnail

Ep34 - Sustainability: Helping Consumers Make Decisions with Lateral Social Proof

How the sustainability movement can be applied to brands and the biases involved with it.

Episode 33 Thumbnail

Ep33 - Red Bull: The Pratfall Effect and the Benefit of a Bad Taste

How Red Bull handled its expansion from a traditional recipe in Thailand to having more than 8 billion cans sold worldwide every year.

Episode 32 Thumbnail

Ep32 - Chipotle: Piquing Interest by Building Community

How Chipotle used data points derived from their orders to formulate and execute a successful marketing campaign.

Episode 31 Thumbnail

Ep31 - Costco: Loyalty Cards, Ski Trips, and the Sunk Cost Effect

How consumer behavior can be decided by loyalty programes and the theory of sunken cost

Episode 30 Thumbnail

Ep30 - Optimism Bias with Tali Sharot

How consumer behavior has the tendency to overestimate the likelihood of positive events and underestimate the likelihood of negative events

Episode 29 Thumbnail

Ep29 - Valentine's Day

How intricate Valentine's Day between stated motivations and real behaviors through enlightening studies and practical experiments.

Episode 28 Thumbnail

Ep28 - The Big Game: Costly Signaling and the Public's Trust

How brands continue to win consumer sentiment and positive public perception through Super Bowl ads.

Episode 27 Thumbnail

Ep27 - Behavioral Economics with Mark Earls

How behavioral science is leveraged to influence public policies and economics.

Episode 26 Thumbnail

Ep26 - Crossroads of Consumer Psychology and Marketing

How a person's impression of someone can influence their feelings towards them and the how impactful the illusion of labor can be.

Episode 25 Thumbnail

Ep25 - New Year's: The Power of Commitment

How New Year's Resolutions can be achieved with a motivation to change and compounding good habits.

Episode 24 Thumbnail

Ep24 - Convenience, Chinese restaurants, and the danger of choice

How Uber Eats masterfully curates menus, sidesteps choice confusion, and plays the pricing game to make you crave those French fries on a Friday night.

Episode 23 Thumbnail

Ep23 - Notepads, shutter clicks, and spreading innovation

How Apple masters psychology and simplicity to keep you hooked.

Episode 22 Thumbnail

Ep22 - Milk, mustaches, and the messenger effect

How "Got Milk" turned milk mustaches, celebrities, and FOMO into a billion-dollar industry.

Episode 21 Thumbnail

Ep21 - Diamonds, romance, and The Wheel of Fortune

How De Beers invented the diamond engagement ring and made diamonds forever.

Episode 20 Thumbnail

Ep20 - Trash, graffiti, George W. Bush

How the "Don't Mess With Texas" campaign reframed littering, using behavioral science and avoiding authoritarian messaging.

Episode 19 Thumbnail

Ep19 - Candy, comedy, and the power of a cue

How Snickers humorously triggers your inner hangry self to crave their candy bars.

Episode 18 Thumbnail

Ep18 - Decoys, trainees, and the Power of Puzzles

How The Economist effectively used the generation and decoy effects, boosting circulation and brand engagement significantly.

Episode 17 Thumbnail

Ep17 - Pigeons, speed cameras, and the power of uncertainty

How Zuckerberg intertwined computer programming and psychology to create a billion dollar company.

Episode 16 Thumbnail

Ep16 - Used cars, American presidents, and the power of surprise

How past American presidential campaigns captured the moment of our nation and won the hearts of many.

Episode 15 Thumbnail

Ep15 - Cakes, furniture, and making it easy

How Blue Apron created home chefs though the balance of friction.

Episode 14 Thumbnail

Ep14 - Sex in the City, charities, and the power of pricing

How Grey Goose convinced audiences that French vodka tastes better.

Episode 13 Thumbnail

Ep13 - Vacuum cleaners, real estate, and the ball barrow

How Dyson revolutionized household appliances from product design to brand marketing leveraging key behavioral science tactics.

Episode 12 Thumbnail

Ep12 - Fried chicken, beer, and the CBL's first national experiment

How KFC’s approach to innovation, based on behavioral science, made them a leader in the fast food industry.

Episode 11 Thumbnail

Ep11 - Scarcity, Spotify, and second opinions

How Spotify revolutionized the music industry while leveraging behavioral science tactics to gain popularity.

Episode 10 Thumbnail

Ep10 - Pain of payment, Bezos, and basketball tickets

How Uber makes payment less painful.

Episode 8 Thumbnail

Bonus Episode - The Illusion of Choice

How marketers can use Richard Shotton’s new book, The Illusion of Choice, to make their advertising more effective.

Episode 8 Thumbnail

Ep08 - Socks, sounds, and increasing sales

How Wellow Compression Socks rooted their name and brand positioning in behavioral science

Episode 7 Thumbnail

Ep07 - Trust, rhyming, and snacking

How Pringles leveraged behavioral science to become America's favorite chip.

Episode 6 Thumbnail

Ep06 - Skiing, schools, and America’s biggest e-commerce player

How Amazon Uses Behavioral Science to Dominate E-Commerce

Episode 5 Thumbnail

Ep05 - Andy Warhol, vodka, and an unexpected cologne

How Absolut turned the iconic shape of its bottle into a cultural phenomenon.

Episode 4 Thumbnail

Ep04 - Umlauts, ice cream, and what's in a name

How Haagen-Dazs used factious words and invented the category of luxury ice cream.

Episode 3 Thumbnail

Ep03 - Summertime, cocktails, and the color orange

How a single distinctive color drove the remarkable success of Aperol.

Episode 4 Thumbnail

Ep02 - Beauty, baked goods, and bottles of wine

How L'Oréal Paris' famed tagline has endured the test of time.

Episode 1 Thumbnail

Ep01 - Beer, surfing, and blunders

How Guinness leaned into a weakness to create one of its most famous campaigns ever.

About the Hosts

MichaelAaron Flicker and Richard Shotton are two entrepreneurs and thought leaders committed to applying behavior science to increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising. They have jointly launched the Consumer Behavior Lab, an R+D unit that brings the benefits of behavioral science to companies and brands across America.

MichaelAaron Flicker

MichaelAaron Flicker

Founder of XenoPsi

Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton

Founder of Astroten, Ltd.

MichaelAaron Flicker

As a thought leader at the intersection of business consulting, advertising and technology, MichaelAaron is passionate about helping brands tackle their toughest business challenges. He excels at bringing innovative, growth-driving thinking to a variety of businesses, concentrating on start-up and challenger brands across a wide variety of sectors.

Richard Shotton

Richard is the author of The Illusion of Choice and The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on how to apply findings from behavioral science to marketing and advertising. Astroten is based in London and helps such clients as Google, Barclays, BrewDog and Facebook to better understand why consumers make the decisions they do and how to better influence their decision making process.

Celebrating Richard's Second Book

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Check out the behind the scenes for Richard's new book

Critical Acclaim From The Industry

Seth Stephens-Davidowitz The Illusion of Choice is provocative and practical. Shotton utilizes the best of behavioral science to demonstrate surprising ways you can improve your business. — Seth Stephens-Davidowitz New York Times Best Selling Author,
Everybody Lies
NIR EYAL No one should be allowed near a layout pad or a keyboard until they have read this book. It is an antidote to the tediously direct and transactional nature of much of modern marketing. — Rory Sutherland Columnist for the Spectator & Executive
Creative Director, Ogilvy One
NIR EYAL The Illusion of Choice explains lesser-known research in an easy-to-read manner to give consumers and businesses insights into how products persuade. — Nir Eyal Author of Hooked: How to Build
Habit-Forming Products
Richard huntington Comprehensive, compelling and immensely practical, the Choice Factory brings the building blocks of behavior change together in one place. — Richard Huntington Chairman & Chief Strategy Officer,
Saatchi & Saatchi
Mark Ritson In a cacophony of overstatement, Richard Shotton possesses a melodious and balanced voice. In this short but powerful tome you can learn about how marketing actually does influence consumers. — Mark Ritson Columnist for Marketing Week and
Professor at Melbourne Business School
Les Binet A short guide to applying behavioral economics to marketing, this book is both fun and useful. A great little bag of tricks! — Les Binet Head of Effectiveness at adam&eveDDB &
Expert in Econometrics

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