The Behavioral Science for Brands Podcast

By decoding some of the world's most famous brands and
campaigns, the Behavioral Science for Brands podcast is meant for
businesses looking to apply proven behavioral science by bridging
the gap between academic studies and practical marketing applications.

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Ep01 - Beer, surfing and blunders

How Guinness leaned into a weakness to create one of its most famous campaigns ever.

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Ep02 - Beauty, baked goods, and bottles of wine

How L'Oréal Paris' famed tagline has endured the test of time.

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Ep03 - Summertime, cocktails and the color orange.

How a single distinctive color drove the remarkable success of Aperol.

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Ep04 - Umlauts, ice cream, and what's in a name

How Haagen-Dazs used factious words and invented the category of luxury ice cream.

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Ep05 - Andy Warhol, vodka and an unexpected cologne

How Absolut turned the iconic shape of its bottle into a cultural phenomenon.

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Ep06 - Skiing, schools, and America’s biggest e-commerce player

How Amazon Uses Behavioral Science to Dominate E-Commerce

Ep07 - Trust, rhyming and junk food

Ep08 - Socks, sounds, and increasing sales

About the Hosts

MichaelAaron Flicker and Richard Shotton are two entrepreneurs and thought leaders committed to applying behavior science to increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising. They have jointly launched the Consumer Behavior Lab, an R+D unit that brings the benefits of behavioral science to companies and brands across America.

MichaelAaron Flicker

MichaelAaron Flicker

Founder of XenoPsi

Richard Shotton

Richard Shotton

Founder of Astroten, Ltd.

MichaelAaron Flicker

As a thought leader at the intersection of business consulting, advertising and technology, MichaelAaron is passionate about helping brands tackle their toughest business challenges. He excels at bringing innovative, growth-driving thinking to a variety of businesses, concentrating on start-up and challenger brands across a wide variety of sectors.

Richard Shotton

Richard is the author of The Choice Factory, a best-selling book on how to apply findings from behavioral science to marketing and advertising. Astroten is based in London and helps such clients as Google, Barclays, BrewDog and Facebook to better understand why consumers make the decisions they do and how to better influence their decision making process.

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