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Episode 37 Tortillas, Government Agencies, and Behavioral Science with Owain Service

In this episode, we have Owain Service, cofounder and former managing director of the UK's Behavioral Insights Team and former deputy director of the Prime Minister's Strategy Unit, joining us to explore the possibilities of behavioral sciences in other sectors.

Episode Highlights

Randomized Controlled Trials

Randomized Controlled Trials are prospective studies that measure the effectiveness of a new intervention or treatment. Although no study is likely on its own to prove causality, randomization reduces bias and provides a rigorous tool to examine cause-effect relationships between an intervention and outcome.

The Best Tortilla

The bar in San Sebastián that uses the principle of scarcity to perfection, making only one tortilla and cut into 12 pieces. The principle of scarcity not only creates demand in the customers but also enables them to make it an exclusive experience in their claim of Best Tortilla in the World.

Browne & Swarbrick Jones meta-analysis

A meta-analysis conducted over 6700 large e-commerce experiments that gave the conclusion that scarcity, social proof and urgency created the most demand.