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Episode 30 Optimism Bias with Tali Sharot

In this episode, we sit down with Tali Sharot, a neuroscience professor at University College London and M.I.T., to talk about the practical application of cognitive neuroscience.

Episode Highlights

Peak-End Rule

According to the peak-end rule, events are remembered for their most remarkable and final moments, so to stand out brands should concentrate on improving these aspects of the customer experience.


The process of becoming less sensitive to a stimulus after repeated exposure. For example, you might be startled the first time you hear the loud bang of your neighbor's door. After hearing the sound repeatedly, you may become less responsive to the sound and ignore it.

Optimism BIas

Optimism bias is the tendency to overestimate the likelihood of positive events and underestimate the likelihood of negative events. Optimism bias causes most people to expect that things will work out well, even if rationality suggests that problems are inevitable in life.