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Episode 34 Sustainability: Helping Consumers Make Decisions with Lateral Social Proof

In this episode, we take a look at the biases that promote sustainability and how the sustainability movement can be applied to brands.

Episode Highlights

Lateral Social Proof

The idea that people aren't independent decision-makers but, instead, they are often attracted to behaviors that appear commonplace. We're more likely to pick electric if it feels popular.

Linda Bacon's Study

The study titled 'Eating for the Environment' showed how behavioral sciences could be used to promote healthier dietary habits. The study found that having vegetarian dishes interspersed throughout the menu lead to more vegetarian food orders, while having them on separate menus led to less orders.

Turnwald Study

Psychologists from Stanford University found that the way vegetables are labeled affect how much people want them. Diners at self-serve food stations took vegetable dishes more often when they were labeled with decorative language—like "zesty" or "sweet sizzlin"—than when they were marked with a bland name or advertised as simply being healthy.