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Episode 32 Chipotle: Piquing Interest by Building Community

In this episode, we check out Chipotle's data driven marketing campaign and the success that came with it.

Episode Highlights

Doppleganger Campaign

Chipotle executed a marketing campaign that notified its customers if someone placed the exact same order at the same minute, the customer would get a Doppleganger email. The campaign was widely succesful and drove a lot of excitement in social media.

The Pique Effect

Researcher Michael Santos conducted a study where he demonstrated the use of the Pique Effect in two experiments. In this experiment, people walking on a local wharf were approached by a panhandler who made a strange request of asking for spare change. Specifically, they asked for 17 cents versus just asking for any amount of change. Subjects in the strange conditions were almost 60% more likely to give money to the panhandler than those receiving a typical request just asking for money.

In group vs Out group

An in-group is a group to whom you, as a person, belong, and anyone else who is perceived as belonging to that group. In- group members have positive views of each other, and give each member preferential treatment. An out-group consists of anyone who does not belong to your group.