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Episode 39 Summer Holidays: Selling Nostalgia to Deliver Experiences

In this episode, we talk about how marketers leverage principles like nostalgia and active commitment to sell targeted experience to customers.

Episode Highlights

Palau Pledge

The pacific island of Palau created a pledge that requires all incoming visitors to sign a stamped pledge in their passports, vowing to protect the environment by "treading lightly, acting kindly, and exploring mindfully." This innovative conservation effort, ao,ed to preserve Palau's pristine natural resources for future generations while promoting a balance between development and conservation. It showed the power of active commitment.

Snowbird's Review Campaign

In 2017, Snowbird Ski Resort launched a series of advertisements focusing on 1-start reviews that called its slopes “too advanced” and “not an easy trail”. It was a marketing campaign that targeted only the most hardcore skiers and snowboarders, focusing on its hardcore snow sports experiences that was received well.

Stolen Thunder Study

The "Stolen Thunder" study conducted by Kipling Williams in 1993 investigated the psychological phenomenon known as "stealing thunder" in the context of legal proceedings. The term "stolen thunder" refers to the strategy of revealing negative information about oneself before others have the chance to do so, thereby minimizing its impact. After surveying 257 students in a mock trial, Williams found that the perception of guilt in a defendant is lower when the prosecutor revealed the information first.