Consumer Psychology & Conscious effort

Episode 26 Crossroads of Consumer Psychology and Marketing

In this episode we sit down with Phill Agnew, the Senior Product Marketing
Manager at Buffer and Host of the Nudge Podcast, to discuss the halo effect,
the illusion of labor, and the behavioral science behind special days.

Episode Highlights

The Illusion of Effort

The illusion refers to a phenomenon where individuals perceive their productivity or the value of their work as higher simply because they've put in more effort or time, regardless of the actual results or output. Essentially, it's the belief that the amount of effort exerted directly correlates with the quality or value of the outcome.

The Halo Effect

The halo effect refers to a cognitive bias where our overall impression of a person influences our feelings or thoughts about that individual's character, abilities, or other traits. Essentially, it's when our perception of one specific quality or trait creates a halo of positivity or negativity that extends to other qualities or aspects, whether related or not.

Special Day

Consumers are more likely to use discounts celebrating a “special day” like Pi Day than for standard holidays and sales events, especially when the promotion is both original and appropriate.